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To catch a paedophile: Girl uses DSi camera to nab predator

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It’s really quite sad that this is our second story about Nintendo handhelds and sexual abuse of children in the same month – but in this case, the DSi was put to good use.

A girl in the UK has managed to get the man who molested her thrown in jail – by sneakily snapping a picture of him groping her, and using the illicit photograph to force a confession out of him.

The morally reprehensible John Fisher, 46, was forced to admit his guilt after being confronted by the picture – and will now spend the next 3 and a half years in jail. According to The Telegraph, Fisher admitted to "two offences of assault by penetration" – and had been sexually assaulting his unnamed victim for two years.

It started when she was nine, something she reported to her mother without anything being done. In fact, without the photographic evidence provided by the console, it’s entirely possible that his despicable crimes would remain unpunished.

"Her quick thinking in using her games console to take a photograph of him touching her," said a police representative, "provided indisputable proof of what had happened and she was brave enough to come forward and report the incident and give us a full and accurate account of what had gone on."

"Although Fisher initially denied assaulting her, when confronted with the image he had no choice but to concede he had done exactly as she had reported.”

There are two aspects to this story that really piss me off, beyond the depraved act of child abuse itself; that nothing was done – by anybody -  when the original abuse was reported, and that this scumbag will only be serving 3 and a half years in jail. Well, “Pappa wag vir jou,” and maybe Fisher might become victim of one or two “offences of assault by penetration" himself.

Last Updated: March 29, 2012

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