To voice or not to voice… Will Kinect have voice control at launch?

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One of the most under talked about Kinect features has been it’s ability to distinguish voice commands and how that may make us all look like real tossers in our living rooms come November.

I have never been able to get voice commands to work properly and usually end up shouting at the stupid phone for ages while trying to avoid moving my finger to make that important call.

But back to the point, MCV reported yesterday that the Kinect voice ability would not be enabled at launch and would arrive sometime after that. Apparently this information was given to them by Microsoft but a short time later Microsoft head office refuted the claim.

They insisted that the voice ability would be available at launch as anticipated.

It’s possible that only English would be available at launch with other languages coming at a later date which would explain the miscommunication as it appeared to be Microsoft Germany who made the initial claim.

They also claimed that the Kinect video chat wouldn’t be available at launch which would be a disappointment as I am looking forward to using that to connect with distant family, Skype works fine for now but it requires that we all gather around the computer which just isn’t ideal.

Source: MCV

Last Updated: August 25, 2010

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