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Tom Clancy's End War Screenshots

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Some screenshots of Tom Clancy’s Endwar have made their way onto www.consolewars.de and man does it look pretty…

I am still in the dark about the game itself which seems to be a mix between an RTS and TPS. You seem to have control over everyone and everything but you also seem to often be right in the middle of the battle. I have not seen any screen shots of you actually shooting yourself though?

You see the little icon in the bottom right? That seems to be a menu of some sort that you might use to give orders or control the battle. Or is it an indicator of how the battle is going?

The above picture is set in Paris (Observant aren’t I 🙂 ) and the battle is a battle between American and Russian forces. Check the other pictures through the link to see how I got to that.

So the French seem to be defeated and either the Russians control Paris. The other screen shots have helicopters, artillery cannons and various other cities in varying states of desctruction….

Link to consolewars :: [01.05.2007 21:11] :: Erste Bilder zu EndWar :: news

Last Updated: May 2, 2007

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