Tom Clancy's Endwar – First Gameplay Video

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For those of us who do not follow the professional gaming world the ladies in this video are called the Frag dolls and are a professional gaming team. Now isn’t that possibly the best job in the world.

Anyway since they are sponsored by Ubisoft it is quite obvious that they would be one of the first groups to get a hands on chance at the upcoming console RTS EndWar..

Which is breaking the mould as it is the first RTS built entirely for consoles and is entirely voice activated. Which still worries me but lets give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

The gameplay does look pretty amazing and since I have been dying for a real RTS on consoles I can pretty much assure you that this has been on my must have list for quite some time.

Please say it works as well as it looks…

Last Updated: March 20, 2008

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