Tony Hawk Pro Skater lives again thanks to fan efforts

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I miss skateboarding games. There used to be something cool about watching my custom skater pull off gravity-defying tricks on a small screen back in the boom of those EXTREME-sports games. They all eventually died though and left only a few hardcore fans to keep on 1080-Benihananing. And one small group is picking up where Activision left off.

Consisting of wooden plank with little wheels locomotion fans Morten, %gone, Quazz, Chc, Krad, Demo and Frost, the group is currently tinkering away on the engine of Tony Hawk’s Pro SKater Underground 2. So what have they done to the game?

They’ve added full proper online play, new levels, options to switch the game to PC/PS2 versions and full 1080P visuals. Dayumn. And they’re not done yet. According to Kotaku, the gang is looking to import every single Tony Hawk level into the game, a new level editor and a brand new stab at a story mode.

Sound like fun? Well if you still own the THUG2 game, then you can grab the mod for yourself here (or here). And if you like what you see, give the gang some support so that they can realise their dreams of virtual skateboarding perfection.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t played at least one Tony Hawk game in their lifetime. Those games pretty much shaped me, while making the EXTREME sport popular again. Geoff swears that THPS 2 is the best, while I’ve always had a soft spot for THPS3.

And then you had THUG, which was like falling face-first into a brand new tarmac of new game ideas. Only much less painful. That was the last really good Tony Hawk game, before the franchise went downhill with the Jackass vehicle that was THUG 2. A brief revival was thrown onto consoles last year, but it hasn’t been massively supported post-launch.

But if these guys can make skateboarding on console cool again, I’m hoping that Activision is paying notice. Because clearly someone knows what to do with the franchise.

Last Updated: January 13, 2014

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