Tony Hawk Rides in on a Wireless Skate Deck – that’s right, drop your controllers and jump on a deck!

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So once again Activision has set to get fans of the Tony Hawk franchise pulling off all their favorite tricks on a deck with four wheels. Even though a cause for concern would be the absence of Neversoft behind the game however with names like Robomodo and Buzz Monkey (Tomb Raider: Underworld)as the developers, a multi-platform release (yeah that’s PS3, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii) and launching the new wireless and full-sized skate deck, the game is definitely going to turn some heads and quite possibly sprain some ankles.

tonyhawk_ride_board778_screenAt least it’ll give gamers a chance to allow their controller calluses and blisters to get some much-deserved RnR and maybe even heal. Yeah I know what some of you skeptics like myself are thinking.

You may argue that performing adapted tricks on a full-sized skate deck (minus the wheels) could turn out to be a nightmare and lead to some serious injury. But I beg you to consider the following and perhaps give it a real chance before sitting back on your couch; inviting your friends over and watching them sustain some serious injury whilst you giggle like a little girl.

Either way its not out yet but you can always check the official website at which promises to have more info on the 2nd of June.

Last Updated: May 20, 2009

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