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Too Human Cleans up on N4G

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Too Human

It seems that the anticipation around this title was huge and the negative reviews are making huge news.

Over at one of the top gaming aggregators (N4G.com) the top three slots are all taken by reviews of Too Human, 1UP is leading with 1150 points closely followed by IGN with 930 points and Gamespot clawing back some credit with 860 points.

I have to say I am suprised by this huge reaction, I don’t think it was a major suprise that this game isn’t great and it does make me wonder why this is such big news for everyone?

The game has taken 4 years  to make, has been shrouded in controversy over its use of the Unreal Engine and has not done anything to really think we were going to be blown away.

I still think the game is going to be enjoyable for its target market but it isn’t going to win any GotY awards… I do want to play it though.

Last Updated: August 19, 2008

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