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Too Human has been wiped out

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This game sucked. Wipe them out...all of them.

It hasn’t been a good couple of months for Too Human developer Silicon Knights. Fresh off a legal beat-down with Epic Games that was more one-sided than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest, Silicon Knights came off on the losing side of that battle. Forced to pay back Epic Games with costs after the lawsuit was settled, that wasn’t the end of the judgement for the developer. They had to destroy all copies of their games that were linked to the trial. And that included digital copies as well. Which is what happened to Too Human this weekend, as it was wiped out from the Xbox Live network.

Do a search for the game on Xbox Live, and you won’t only find a lack of the actual game itself. Videos, demos, themes, pictures and anything else related to the techno-god RPG has been given a quick death according to Eurogamer. All this, from a six year legal battle where Silicon Knights claimed that Epic had withheld an improved version of their Unreal engine from the developer who had paid for a license to use it. And obviously, that was to blame for the sub-standard cliched gameplay of titles such as Too Human and X-Men Destiny. Silicon Knights claimed that by doing so, Epic could use the licensing fees it had received to fund a better game in the form of Gears Of War, which delayed a new Unreal engine from being created and given to the troubled developer.

Of course the legal eagles of the court didn’t see it this way, and combined with that bruising decision and the fact that Silicon Knights president went ahead and blamed the gaming audience for the fact that Too Human bombed, very little sympathy was left over for the developer. Now just a former shell of itself, the veteran company has had to withcall all stock of several of their Unreal Engine developed games back at their own cost, and have them destroyed.

So don’t even bother looking for it on digital markets right now, because the legal Order 66 that Silicon Knights is under is going to see several years of game development wiped from history itself. Still, it might be worth holding onto a copy of the game, for a future episode of Pawn Stars. “Look, I’ll give you five bucks for it. I’ve got to make a profit, and get it framed, and find non-existent DLC codes and…”

Last Updated: January 21, 2013

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