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Top 10 Games that Have Stood the Test of Time

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The Good ‘Ol Games

There are many things in life that get better with age. For example: take a leather jacket, fine wine, or pieces of artwork. This rule doesn’t always apply to everything, including gameplay. Some might seem like amazing games at the time, with the best graphics you’ve ever seen, yet, give them a year or two, and you will look back and laugh at that view. However, there are some games that do stand the test of time. Whether that is an adventure game, playing poker online, a car-chase game… whatever it might be, we all have a title that we love to revisit.

Read on to find 10 games that, despite new upgrades and releases, have always stood the test of time.

The Top 10 

1.       Mario 64

It would be hard to start this collection without mentioning everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. It’s Mario! This franchise is one of gaming’s most timeless, translating across so many platforms. Take the first Super Mario Bros, it is still a beautiful example of design and mechanics that has continued to be remade again and again, according to Metro. Mario’s first 3D appearance came with Mario 64, released back in 1996. For its time, it was incredibly ambitious to try this kind of game design, and it succeeded perfectly.

2.       Halo

First released back in 2001, Halo with its unknown faceless leader, Master Chief, has taken us through every major console generation. It launched as a ground-breaking sci-fi shooter type of game, being one of the biggest in its industry. Since the initial release, the fun and excitement of the game have never changed. Although some gaming fans found the later releases a bit disappointing, the early Halo games will always be enjoyable.

3.       The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Another Nintendo staple, the Legend of Zelda series will always be a long-timer for fans across the world. Even today, you can find remastered Zelda games on the Nintendo Switch, with over 20 million copies sold. However,  for true fans, the 1998 release called ‘Ocarina of Time’, the game’s fifth version, will always be one of the best in the series according to long-time fans. According to them, it is the ultimate action-adventure tale with ultimate playability, continuing to influence games today.

4.       Doom

When considering timeless games, we cannot skip over Doom. This is a one-person shooting game that has incredible game quality. What makes the Doom game so fun is the easy portability and simplicity of the controls. The controls mainly center around automatic processes, making it fun for all who play.

5.       Street Fighter II

The famous phrase… Hadouken! For all of you 90s babies, this will be the ultimate throwback. Our favorite top titans, Ryu and Sub Zero are our best friends and allies. The fighting style revolutionized other games in this genre for many years to come.

6.       Half-Life 2

Another timeless contender. Half-Life 2 is down as timeless because of the innovation in gaming and physic-based movements. Their ‘Source’ engine, a prominent feature of the game, has gone on to be used as a framework for other games to come due to its strength and versatility. It still stands as one of the best-reviewed games of all time.

7.       Minecraft

Minecraft is often seen as a questionable choice due to its graphics when compared to the other popular games we find out there. However, Minecraft is proof that gameplay matters more than visuals. Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has sold over 106 million copies, surpassing huge games like GTA V, which sold only 65 million copies (source).

8.       Portal

Released back in 2007, Portal is still a loved game because of its immersive gameplay, great graphics, and humorous AI character GLaDOS. The setting is also engaging for players as you can discover all the different twists and turns. There was a sequel in 2011, but people still go back to 2007 as it is still considered to be the more impressive of the two.

9.       League of Legends

League of Legends still has 100 million active players per month. This is huge, considering this game has been around for a while. You can find it appearing in tournaments for eSports with followings across the globe. It is a game that still brings so many together, creating clubs and a community that other games just don’t have. You can be anything in this game – alien, wolf, man, woman, monster, and everything in between.

10.   Tetris

Everyone knows what Tetris is. Made in Russia, even if you aren’t the biggest gaming fan, you will take a whack at Tetris. It is a simple yet engaging game that has always stood the test of time, adding great colors and entertainment.

Last Updated: September 20, 2022

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