Top Games in South Africa

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Megarom has sent out a press release proudly stating that it managed to take the top two places on the gaming charts for November for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, it also managed to place two titles in the top 5 on the PC charts.

While at this time I don’t know what the other titles are we can at least confirm the following

In November 2007 Assassin’s Creed took the number 1 spot for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 and Call of Duty 4 took second place on both those consoles.

COD4 managed to come in first on the PC sales chart with The Witcher coming in at number 5.

These are true retail standings as measured by a third party company.

Obviously November is a very important month and I have to say that I was suprised by Assassin’s Creed beating out my personal game of the year COD4.

I am working on getting regular official charts so please be patient… I want to know all the other details as much as you.

Last Updated: January 9, 2008

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