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Torchlight 3 shows off its forts and player housing customisation

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There’s something about a good old-fashioned dungeon-crawling adventure that I just can’t et enough of. That glorious grind, where you’re greeted by majestic explosions of light as you level up, your gear gets incrementally better and the power you wield reflects your own growth. I freakin’ adore that golden path. It’s one that the Torchlight games have been particularly adept at creating, blending a wholesome aesthetic with some classic gameplay that feels just right.

There’s a third game in the series coming out soon from Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games, one that looks like the kind of loot-driven escape from reality I’m currently craving. Torchlight 3 is also adding something else to the mix: Forts! Or to be more specific, player-made strongholds that can be customised and upgraded with stuff throughout your campaign.

Torchlight III Screen 9

Forts allow each adventurer to leave their personal mark on the world, as these structures can be personalized and adorned with treasures that have been crafted or earned through combat. Forts also serve as an important hub where players can meet up with friends, progress their characters, plus swap out skills and entire armor sets,” Echtra Games said in a recent development update.

Any adventurer can encounter your Fort while journeying through the frontiers, and likewise you will encounter theirs. They’re the perfect place to enhance your characters, show off your loot and collections, store items, and visit with party members. Some structures are interactable and will serve invaluable to your character’s growth and progress throughout the game. Place stations that other players can interact with like a beautiful Luck Tree to bestow its blessing on fellow fortune-seekers or an alluring Enchanting Station to share your rarest recipes.

Best of all, Forts are account wide! All of your characters contribute to the same Fort so the buildings, recipes, upgrades, and resources from one character can be used by another. What will your Fort be?

Torchlight III Screen 3

I guess you can start calling this game…Fortlight.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my trailer waiting for my comedy genius award and Torchlight 3, which hits PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

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