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Toshiba and Microsoft Remind Us What HD DVD Can Do

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Well today is a big day of learning for me personally…. I never realised there was really any difference in HD DVD compared to Blu-Ray apart from HD is apparently “cheaper” and Blu-Ray can hold more data….

Well it turns out that there is quite a bit more to it than that…

Things that apparently make HD DVD better than Blu-Ray

• Internet connection for online updates, and now, finally, Web-enabled content
• Dual decoding for real picture-in-picture playback
• “Persistent storage” memory on the deck for customization and downloading

As an example of all three major features… You are watching the movie 300 and are wondering about how they do all those special effects. You pull up a menu, tell it to download the behind the scenes extras, then happily watch the behind the scenes version side by side with the production version. You notice how the helmets look like plastic and that the boiling sea was nothing but a bunch of green cushions….

You now decide that has completely ruined the entire movie for you and stop watching…

Anyway you see the point, so there is quite a bit more to this war than I ever realised…. I am not so sure I want Blu-Ray to win anymore now…

Link to Field Notes: Toshiba and Microsoft Remind Us What HD DVD Can Do (and What Blu-Ray Can’t) – Gizmodo

Last Updated: July 2, 2007

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