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Total War Rome II: selling like hotcakes

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The Total War series is popular, but Rome goes above and beyond.  In fact, the new Total War: Rome II is the most pre-ordered title in the franchise’s history – people are jumping on it faster than a toga party!

Launching on 3 September on PC (yes, you can get it through steam or from your preferred local retailer), Total War: Rome II is seeing pre-orders six times as much as the previous title in the franchise, Shogun II.  With the collector’s edition limited at 22,000 units, they are also halfway to being sold out!  

If you pre-order, you get the first DLC (Greek States Culture Pack) free on the day of release.  I just want the collector’s edition for the replica, functional onager.  Makes sense why they’re selling like hot cakes (assuming cakes actually did sell quickly when hot).

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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