Toys "R" Us sells Xbox 360: Arcade System

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I wrote about the rumoured Xbox 360 Arcade system early in August and it looks like another one of these internet rumours has been confirmed.

Toys ‘R Us are now accepting pre-orders for the Xbox 360 Arcade System with an expected delivery date of the 25th of October for $279. Just in time for Christmas what a coincidence…

The Xbox 360 Arcade is actually the core system with a bundled memory card (256Mb) and 5 arcade games (Pacman, Uno…), they have also replaced the wired controller with a wireless one. It is also bundled in a new funkier looking box.

It is obvious that this is the SKU which is aiming at the more casual market and I think it really is a great idea and will counter the expected PS3 price drop very well. I have a few friends who would like a 360 but have no intention of ever going on Live and are still intimidated by the extras that you need with the Core. This is the perfect answer.

Oh and Amazon are supposed to be selling it as well but I can’t find it on their site?

Last Updated: October 3, 2007

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