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Treyarch : We’d Love to ship a bug-free game!

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Treyarch, developers of last year’s Call of Duty have been lambasted – primarily by PC and PS3 users – for shipping a game riddled with bugs, that sometimes results in Black Ops multiplayer been an unplayable mess.

Of course, it’s a regrettable thing that Treyarch wishes could have been avoided; but this is the real world and not a magical fantasy land where cupcakes and beer grow from trees and Swedish hookers wait at your beck and call.

Speaking in an interview with VideoGamer,  Treyarch community manager Josh Olin said  “It is unfortunate that those [bugs] have to exist at all. In an ideal world we would love to ship a completely bug-proof game. I can’t think of a single developer in the world, though, that could achieve that.”

“There’s hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of players on the PS3 who have absolutely perfect, pristine experiences. “I talk to them everyday – I see @replies to me on Twitter all the time from people going ‘I don’t know what people are complaining about. The game is perfect for me!’ So they do exist. I know that doesn’t make the people who are experiencing problems feel any better, but it should put it into perspective. “If you look at the population size of the Call of Duty franchise, just a single hour of gameplay collectively after the game’s been out – you add up all the man-hours that all the fans put into it – that’s more time than you could put into Quality Assurance in a lifetime.”

“The sheer number of people [playing] is staggering, and they hit buttons and they hit glitches and walls in such weird, strange ways that we could never predict or think of.”

So yes, there are issues, but Treyarch is far from giving up on PS3 and Pc gamers who feel a little shafted. “Even if the bug is only hurting a hundred fans, if we can find the cause we’ll patch it,” he said.

What do you reckon, gamers? Are you willing to cut Treyarch a little slack, or should the developers of last years biggest game – and biggest entertainment earner – inject some of that cash in to hastily fixing things that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place? Hmmm…

Source : Videogamer

Last Updated: February 9, 2011

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