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Trials HD devs announce 1000 Heroz

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Hey, you know Trials HD, that tough-as-nails yet inexplicably addictive Xbox Live and Steam game by RedLynx? Yeah that one! The human-pretzel-simulator where you have maim a motocross rider by making him have horrific accidents. That was the point, right?

Anyway, RedLynx has a new game and judging by the colossal fan base that Trials HD managed to create, this is pretty exciting news. The only possible damper is that it’s an iOS game, meaning you’ll need an iPhone or iPad to play it, but that’s great news for Apple fans.

In 1000 Heroz (pronounced “heroes”; liberal use of “z” to pluralise? I thought we were over this?) you’ll be given something new, every day, for a thousand days. I know right, it sounds bizarre but it’s an attempt to make sure people keep coming back for more.

From the day the game goes on sale, you’ll get a new and unique hero with a unique level and quest every day for over three years. It’s crazy, but it might work. Of course, there will be leaderboards for each level so you can compare your score to other people’s. You’ll also be free to revisit any previous level that has been released.

Oh yes! There’s a trailer too. Gameplay harks back to Trials HD as you attempt to control an onscreen hero across a level with physics playing a role in making the traversal extra tricky.

Check it out.

Expect to be scampering across 2D levels sometime in April.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: April 1, 2011

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