Tribes: Ascend Announced

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The original Tribes was one of the most innovative multiplayer shooters to ever hit the stores. Then in 2001 Tribes 2 hit the scene and rocked the already expansive community. This fast-paced online FPS now supported up to 64 players and just when fans thought this was the start of a ground breaking franchise, Tribes dwindled and was almost forgotten. Until now.

Said to be played by over 1 million people, Hi-Rez Studios (after acquiring the Tribes licence back in October, 2010) has re-introduce the franchise with the much anticipated Tribes: Ascend.

Hit the jump for the teaser trailer and some hard core ching-chong-cha!

“Before Halo, before Modern Warfare, and before Battlefield, there was Tribes.”, says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO.

“The community has been waiting for a multiplayer shooter that is the modern successor to Tribes 2. Tribes: Ascend is that game.”

Tribes: Ascend is set for a late 2011 release as a digital download on PC and Xbox 360. Additional platforms are currently under consideration as well.

Source: EDGE

Last Updated: March 14, 2011

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