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God of War Heads to PC Available January 14, 2022

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Sony has been making moves in the PC market for a couple of years by re-releasing some of their most popular exclusives. Now, one of their most popular titles, God of War, will be making its way to the PC. Available January 14, 2022, with a host of changes to the PC version.

This version will support 4k resolution and unlocked framerates, and ultrawide support. In addition, Sony touts that it will also have both Nvidia DLLSS and reflex support. It’s available for pre-order on both the Epic Games and Steam store for R600.

God of War is the fourth title from Sony’s exclusives to hit the PC. The first is Horizon Zero Dawn, followed by Death Stranding and Days Gone. And Sony isn’t done as Uncharted 4, and Lost Legacy will hit both PS5 and PC sometime in 2022. In addition, we’ll probably see a further push into the PC market from Sony as they also acquired Nixxes Software who are known for developing PC ports of popular Square Enix titles.

This release marks a significant step for Sony’s push into the PC market and means we’ll probably see more titles making their way to the PC in the future.

Are you excited about God of War hitting the PC, and what Sony exclusives would you like to make it to the PC?

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