Trophies to be converted to cash in PS3 Home

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I don’t like the idea of Home, I used to like it but the more I have seen it the more it appears to be a boring life simulator and that does not appeal to me.

What does appeal to me however is stuff and more accurately free stuff. So when I hear that I will maybe be given virtual money inside Home as a reward for getting Trophies in games then I am interested.

This could really change things and if it is true it is a very good idea. Simply by playing games and unlocking trophies I can now furnish my pad with big screen TV’s, furniture and get cool clothes. Not that any of that is worth anything but yet it still feels like I am winning here.

The guys over at PS3Blog picked up that a developer (Locust_Star) may have stated the following 

“The release date for home is Dec. 15th or the 30th…they said it is definite. There will be random weather, there will be a money system. you earn money from collecting trophies. and you will get money for the trophies you already have. Right now there is a censor on swearing, but will be taken off in the full beta. The open beta will also be 18+ only.”

However there is a bit of a dispute around whether Locust_Star was the real one or an imposter, but even if it isn’t true they should seriously consider it.

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And how about Microsoft start giving out free Avatar clothing for gamerpoints? I need gold lancer for my man…

Oh and did anyone else pick out that we now have a concrete release date?


Last Updated: November 28, 2008

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