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Turn 10 is changing Forza Motorsport 7’s VIP rewards after heavy fan backlash

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Forza Motorsport 7 is a good game when you’ve managed to wade through the egregious loot boxes, race modifiers and gambling to actually get to the stuff you bought a racing simulator for. Over the years Turn 10 and Microsoft have been using the premier racing title to experiment with their own versions of pre-launch sales editions and microtransaction, which in the past as included VIP status. Players who purchased the game with this addition not only paid more, but they were ensured a lifetime of rewards as a bonus. In Forza 7 this changed, and Turn 10 certainly heard about it.

The biggest change to VIP status was the currency multiplier. Previously all VIP player would get a 2x multiplier to all in-game currency they accrued while playing, which would fast track progression by means of car purchases. In Forza 7 this turned from a lifetime bonus to a limited one, with a set of VIP cards only giving players around 20 races to earn more. Fans were understandably mad, and began questioning why there was even a point to shelling out more money for a limited time bonus.

The argument became loud enough for Turn 10 to make a change, and in a letter to Forza 7 players they detailed exactly how they’re doing that. All VIP members will received four Tier 5 cars (the 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7 Forza Edition, 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Forza Edition, 2017 Acura NSX Forza Edition and 2010 Maserati Gran Turismo S Forza Edition) as a means of apology, which will boost their car collector score and already make a big dent in progression. The biggest change is in progress still though, as Turn 10 are working to re-establish the permanent 2x multiplier to all racing rewards.

“This new system will work like it did in Forza Motorsport 6, offering a 2X base credit bonus after every race. We’ve already started work on this feature and we will release it as soon as possible. Look for more information on this update as we near the release date.”

It’s a shame that Forza Motorsport launches seem to be consistently marred by systems that really don’t even tie into the core gameplay experience of a racing simulator, and sour the otherwise fabulous racing this series consistently delivers.

Last Updated: October 5, 2017


  1. Kromas Ryder

    October 5, 2017 at 11:53

    Gotta make them monies bro. What I find funny is how Destiny 2 has done the same thing but apparently it is okay for them to do it.


    • Allykhat

      October 5, 2017 at 12:06

      Slightly different though. While yes, the shader system is crappy and buying of lootboxes gets you considerable better ones, you can earn the lootboxes in game just by playing. It doesn’t hamper or boost progression though, it is purely cosmetic.

      In this case, however, it makes a MASSIVE impact on the game and progression. That, and the fact that is used to be a lifetime unlock because VIP isn’t cheap and doesn’t include a season pass content either. It was meant to be a continual boost for people with less time to invest into grinding out or even for the people with the time who wanted to get to endgame faster.

      I’m glad the community got them to change this, it’s a really shitty thing to do and really worries me about the next Horizon release…


      • Kromas Ryder

        October 5, 2017 at 12:11

        I meant same in the sense that it used to be a unlimited use perk changed to a single use perk for the sake of micro transactions.

        Imagine for a second that Diablo 4 got announced and suddenly you had to buy special currency to be able to transmog gear in it.

        Sure it won’t affect you progression at all but it was free to use in D3 and now suddenly you have to pay for it. It is a scummy thing to do specially since none of the products mentions are free to play and are fully triple A priced products.


    • Alessandro Barbosa

      October 5, 2017 at 20:42

      Think you may have missed the many, many discussions around how shit the new shader system in Destiny 2 is (I still loathe it)


      • Kromas Ryder

        October 6, 2017 at 08:58

        Did not miss the discussions. Just commenting on the fact that there were not enough discussions to get them to change their minds like with Forza. 🙂


  2. BakedBagel

    October 5, 2017 at 13:12

    Why not offer liveries? THINGS THAT DONT EFFECT GAMEPLAY



    • Fox1 - Retro

      October 5, 2017 at 14:30

      Because liveries are free.


  3. Pieter Kruger

    October 5, 2017 at 16:36

    Thank you for listening Trun 10, now I too will be buying your game!


  4. U weirdo

    October 5, 2017 at 20:26

    This game has no micro transactions. No $ can be used to purchase anything in game. Reward crates are very enjoyable for many people..regardless they are for mods only.
    If this author hates reward crates so much why isn’t he complaining about BF1 and overwatch and 95% of AAA releases over the past 2 years. This is the best racing game I have ever played, I think this author is a pony.


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