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Twitch played Pokemon, Dark Souls and now they’ve got the “bucking couch”

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Easily one of the most exciting gaming achievements of recent years has to be the “Twitch Plays…” invention. Whoever thought it was a great idea to give the controls of a game to the Twitch chat could not possibly have imagined what would come of it. It started with Pokémon, and after they’d spent several hours to a day in one spot spinning in circles they in fact completed the game, proving that Twitch chat can work together. Pokémon, however, was entry level as Dark Souls came next, and again we spent hours running into a wall. Now that Twitch Plays have proved that teamwork makes the dream work, we’ve decided to put human lives in their hands with the “bucking” couch.

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with any other famous couches on the internet, it’s simply a couch which bucks, as if you were bucking a bronco. Viewers will pit their favourite streamers head to head on the “Totino Bucking Couch” to see who can last the longest. It functions similarly to a mechanical bull, and the “Totino Couch Bowl” will separate the couch cowboys from the clowns.

Imagine for a second thousands of users cramming in commands for the couch as these popular streamers hold on for their dear lives. What will ensue can only be compared to utter chaos, and it won’t only be the couch bucking. These streamers will be subject to certain distractions which will divert their senses and make it even harder for them to hold on – while the couch spins rapidly for several hours.

According to The Daily Dot the streamers involved are Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, William Tucker “iijeriichoii” Boner, Brennon “GoldGlove” O’Neill, and Tim The Tatman.

Who are Totino’s?

Totino’s are a family pizzeria and restaurant who have operated since the 50’s in North America. Despite being a family restaurant they’ve also worked in the frozen pizza business for decades. One could say they’ve always had a hand in gaming offering perhaps the most staple diet for any gamer out there. In the natural order of things Totino’s became involved through eSports after sponsoring events such as Blizzcon and the Capcom Cup, and now they’ll be entering an entire new field of gaming. The millions of Twitch users who will flock to the channel to have a go at their favourite streamers is possibly one of the best marketing campaigns for the Pizza company.

What’s better than seeing your favourite streamer tossed around on a “bucking” couch?

Last Updated: January 28, 2016

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