Twitter arriving on the Xbox 360 before Christmas – That horrible social networking site as well

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I’m not entirely sure that I am happy about Twitter arriving on the Xbox 360 at all, I am already bombarded through so many virtual channels all day long that they idea of random strangers being able to bug me while I am gaming doesn’t sit incredibly well with me.

However I do enjoy Twitter so I am interested to see how it works.

The fact that Facebook is arriving on the 360 fills me with dread, not because I think Facebook is an incredibly invasive and annoying site but because my wife is incredibly addicted to it and may confiscate the Xbox to stay up to date with friends she would never speak to in real life.

Either way Microsoft has confirmed both these social networking oddities will be arriving on the NXE before Christmas, and here I was panicking that I needed to actually leave my Xbox to send my friends generic electronic holiday wishes this year.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: July 30, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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