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Two new arcade titles today

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So what are we all going to do before Call of Duty 4 hits the stores on Friday?

Well if you feel like taking a break from Halo 3, Half Life or Gears then you could always head over to the arcade and download either of the new games that are landing today.

This sounds so terrible I just have to try it, basically it is exactly what is says. An entire board full of letters where you have to find words hidden inside. If that isn’t exciting enough for you then how about having a word search dual with 3 of your friends in the exciting multiplayer modes… (800 Points)

Guide a ball around some tricky mazes with the added bonus of being able to turn yourself into a super ball to smash through walls and jump over obstacles… If you are not able to get around the maze by yourself then you could always get a friend to join in and help you out in 2 player co-op… Once you are done with that head online and play against 7 of your friends… (800 points)

Microsoft did say they wanted some different gameplay types of the arcade and for the life of me I can’t see either of the two being worth R90 but at least we can get a free demo to try out first…

News – Two XBLA treats tomorrow // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 7, 2007

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