E3 2012: Ubisoft debuts Watch Dogs

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There are plenty of sequels being shown this year, with only a precious few new games debuting. One such title was Watch Dogs, an open world adventure with a twist, as it takes the paranoia and fear surrounding the growing information age, and uses those concerns as a weapon, resulting in one very unique looking title.

Ubisoft debuted the game with a factoid, detailing the digital shadow of human beings, and how much destruction one man brought to the city of New York back in 2003. Fast forward a couple of years, and technology has grown rapidly, resulting in a new culture of cyber-warriors and terrorists.

Players will be able to use cyber-warfare to their advantage, tapping into phones, gathering valuable data and hacking city grids to cause distractions and sneak through. The demo that Ubisoft showed, highlighted this perfectly, as we infiltrated a club, ran amok of dangerous individuals, and engaged in a firefight, which was littered with fantastic visuals and cinematic influences.

Co-op action is also being teased, and it looks like Ubisoft might have just stolen E3, with this hacktastic game.

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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