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Ubisoft joins the Steaming Origin party

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Ubisoft has joined the digital distribution platform party with the likes of Steam and Origin. Launching, wait for it… the Uplay PC. How surprising.

To be honest all these Wii’s and U’s ad Mii’s and WiiU’s is really starting to make my head spin, It’s like they all have a toddler running around naming consoles and products. “What shall we name our new console?”, kid runs past and shouts “Weeeee”. “OK let’s call it the Wii”. Apparently this kid is also capable of words such as “meeeeeeee” and “uuuuuuu”. With all these strokes of genius flying around, next thing you know some one will be naming their product the “Us”.

Anyway, the Uplay PC service will include pretty much the usual features resembling those of Steam and Origin. The application builds on Ubisoft’s similarly named Uplay online community for its games, as the desktop client will require users to register for a Uplay account.

Uplay PC features a shop for purchasing physical and downloadable games, free-to-play titles, achievements, cloud saving and that friends system, you know the one where you add friends that you want to chat with.

I assume that this is now where we’ll be able to buy games such as Assassin’s Creed. You’ll be able to launch all your games from this client, just like Steam, although, again unsurprisingly Uplay PC will only support Ubisoft titles. It’s probable that Uplay PC could give Origin a real run for it’s money since origin has 21 million registered users across Windows and iOS, where as Uplay has 35 million registered users across various platforms.

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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