Ugly Controller Confirmed for PES

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Green PES Controller

So the rumours were up and about yesterday saying that Microsoft had finally accepted that the current 360 D-Pad was shocking and was about to release a new controller with a much improved D-Pad.

Well the rumours were half true, the above picture ugly controller does in fact sport a brand new (and rumoured to be vastly better) D-Pad, it is also about to go on sale as of the 24th of October.

However only in Europe, Latin America and Asian and only for a limited amount of time. The reason for the new controller is PES 2009.

Since the preferred tool for virtual footballers is the D-Pad it doesn’t come as any suprise that a football game will be getting the controller. But I have to wonder why they are making this a limited release?

Hopefully it’s just the terrible green colour that is the limited release and all new 360 controllers will receive the improved D-Pad.

Source: Eurogamer

[Thanks Brett for the tip]

Oh did I mention I didn’t like the colour?

Last Updated: August 22, 2008

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