Uh-oh…Hearthstone is now available on mobile devices!

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Blizzard know how to put out some quality games. And by put out quality games, I mean peddle digital crack. Hearthstone in particular can be annoyingly addictive. It’s either enjoyable, or terribly punishing… AND I SWEAR IF I SEE ONE MORE SHEEP CARD I AM GOING TO RAGE! Just kidding, I’ve been clean for months now. Playing on my PC became boring, and even the port over to tablets didn’t keep me playing for too long. I’m afraid that might change, because that damn card game is now available on mobile.

That’s right, companies around the world are experiencing unimaginable dips in productivity as employees fill any free moment with a quick game… and another… and another. Here’s the official announcement from Blizzard:

Hearthstone® is now playable on iOS® and Android phones! Featuring an all-new intuitive interface hand-crafted for the mobile experience, it’s easier than ever to take Hearthstone with you anywhere YOU want to play. Whether you’re cozying up for some “me time” or carousing at a Fireside Gathering with friends, relaxing at home or embarking on a grand adventure, the fun of Hearthstone is always at your fingertips.

Play wherever you want? That is a dangerous, dangerous road friends. I will not encourage this, not one bit! The only way I’d tell you to download Hearthstone for your phone is if Blizzard allowed progress to be shared across devices and I don’t know, chucked in a free card pack or something. Until then… oh never mind…

Already playing Hearthstone? Your card collection and progress are shared across any device that you use to play the game. That means all the cards you’ve collected will be waiting for you whenever you enjoy Hearthstone on your mobile phone.

There’s more! Whether you’re a neophyte who has just completed the fun introductory missions or a seasoned veteran, if this will be your first time playing Hearthstone on your iOS or Android phone, then as an added bonus for going mobile you’ll earn a free Classic card pack just by playing a game of Hearthstone in Play, Arena, or Practice mode.

As a matter of interest, I see many of the comments in the announcement blog have people asking for a Windows Phone version. I’m sure Blizzard will get around to that at some stage, ensuring world domination… er… availability for everybody! Will you be downloading the game to carry in your pocket?

Last Updated: April 15, 2015

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