UK F1 2010 Launch Sells More Than Halo Reach And Dead Rising 2 Combined – How?

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Yesterday our review of Codemasters’ new Formula One title F1 2010 went live and we thought it was pretty darn great.

It seems like we weren’t the only ones though, as the charts for last weeks UK sales have rolled in and F1 2010 burst onto the scene with a very surprising debut at number one. Since last week, Halo Reach slipped to second place with Dead Rising 2 hitting the scene at a solid number three.

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So the scariest part of all this is that F1 2010 managed to successfully pull off a massive UK launch, outselling Halo: Reach and Dead Rising 2 put together.

The top 3 in the Xbox 360 charts are no different to what you see above and the Playstation 3, obviously missing Halo: Reach puts F1 2010 in 1st, Dead Rising 2 in 2nd and its Move sports compilation Sports Champions in 3rd. As far as PC charts are concerned, F1 2010 only came in third place, behind Final Fantasy XIV in second and Civilization 5 taking the top spot.

When you stop to actually think about it, it’s not really difficult to think that F1 2010 managed to beat a behemoth like Halo Reach just a week after its launch and this can be attributed to a few factors.

First of all, Formula One is pretty damn huge in the UK, especially when compared to other large markets like the USA, so its potential for sales mixed with good review scores put it in a good place.

Second, Halo Reach is an Xbox 360 exclusive compared to F1 2010 which came out on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles as well as PC. Proving once again, that multi-platform titles are the way to go if you want to make some serious dosh.

Third and last, is that Halo Reach had a large, and I mean large launch just last week. While you would think that its popularity would serve it very well over the coming months (and you would still probably be right), the truth is that most people who were going to buy Halo Reach near launch, bought it at launch. Everyone else who is kinda thinking about it will probably pick it up closer to Christmas, but for most gamers, it was day one all the way.

There you have it, if you want more charts and so on, you can head to the source link below and check it out for yourself.

Source: GfK Chart Track

Last Updated: September 28, 2010

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