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Ultima creator believes consoles are doomed

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Richard Garriot , the fellow behind Ultima and Tabula Rasa believes that the ever-increasing costs of AAA game development, and the ever-increasing power of smartphones and tablets could signal the end of traditional console gaming.

"I think we might get one more generation,might, but I think fundamentally they’re doomed," he told Industry Gamers.

He believes that tablets you can hook up to your TV, and play with a controller is the way of the future. "I think fundamentally the power that you can carry with you in a portable is really swamping what we’ve thought of as a console."

Could he be right? Nintendo’s next console, the tablet-controlled Wii U looks to be heading that way. In a decade, will we all be carrying our consoles with us all the time, or will there always be a place for traditional gaming?

Last Updated: November 30, 2011

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