Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter – Costs Even More Than An Arm And A Leg

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The words “fortune hunter” seem so incredibly appropriate at this moment.

You may remember that we posted about an Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter edition. If you don’t then let me just tell you that it’s a nice limited edition of which only two hundred were made and they are not available in stores but have to be won.

Thanks to the magic and wonder of eBay, buying is always an option but the big question is, how much would you be willing to pay in order to get your hands on one of these packs.

The current bid is already way beyond ridiculous.

At the time of writing, the bid is sitting on $3050 US, yes folks that’s roughly R22,000.00.

Now I don”t know about you, but I think you have to be pretty whack in the head to think that anything in that bundle could even remotely be worth that amount of money. Oh well, there is always a couple of fools out there willing and able to keep eBay sales like this going on.


Last Updated: October 13, 2009

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