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Uncharted 3 gunplay patch coming – and why Naughty Dog rocks

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Uncharted 3 is a great game. It’s a thrill-a-minute action blockbuster rollecoaster ride of fantastic set-pieces, wonderful platforming and…pretty awful shooting sections. For some reason, the gunplay got a makeover between Uncharted 2 and 3 – and many people are just not happy about it.

Naughty Dog’s confirmed it’ll be patching the game soon, with a toggle to fix the aiming. That’s good news in itself, but the way it all got done is a testament to Naughty Dog’s openness.

After the debate and dissections of Uncharted 3’s broken aiming moved from the Naughty Dog forums to industry gaming forum neoGAF, Naughty Dog sought the help of the community to nail down exactly what it was that was causing the gunplay disconnect – by asking neoGAF for people to come in and show them.

"We showed them a before and after without telling them which one was changed to see how they liked these alternate settings that our programmer had come up with," said community manager Arne Meyer of the two who showed up. "As part of that process, we iterated on what the feedback was and we were making changes on the fly, and changing different things from what we originally changed to get the right feel for the aiming."The two guys that we brought in, I think they were really sharp in terms of being analytical and being able upfront with what the changes were, and they were very clear and direct about what it was, and it was actually super helpful for us."

The result? A patch will be coming soon that adds a toggle, allowing you to select a more Uncharted 2 way of shooting, if you so prefer. Good show, Naughty Dog.

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Last Updated: November 22, 2011

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