Uncharted 3: World of Deceit Concept Art

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Over the weekend some concept screens for Uncharted 3 were found on Albert Ng’s personal blog. According to Albert they were simply some concept art he put together for his architecture class and were in no way indicative of the next version of Uncharted.

But can we believe that? According to PlaystationLifestyle Albert Ng works for Tyler West Studio who are responsible for conceptual art for popular AAA videogame titles, they have done work for Sony, EA and Activision to name a few so it’s not a big stretch to think that he has put together these screens for Sony and Insomniac (Doh: Naughty Dog).

So believable are the images that Amazon France actually used it as their placeholder image on their site.

So that’s all the reasons why these images are true and the only thing that leads me to think that they may be a school project is that he made quite a big mistake on them. If you check the letters in “World of Deceipt” on the first image you will see that the last 3 letters don’t have that scratched look like the rest of the letters do.

There is no way that would pass Insomniac’s [Naughty Dog]’s quality test so either these are incomplete concepts or they are in fact just for a school project.

But then again why would an architecture student need to list possible traps and gameplay elements in the last image? Possibly it’s related to the class and possibly not… who knows.

Last Updated: October 25, 2010

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