Uncharted 4 to feature all-new mechanics and gameplay

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Uncharted 4 is looking stunningly gorgeous. I got to see some extra gameplay behind closed doors, and it was action packed and filled with all sorts of cool drama. But there are all new experiences in store for us in the final game.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, game director Bruce Starlet and creative director Neil Druckmann explained just a few new things that we can look forward to.

Neil: We’ve been able to able to pack a lot more into each level, have more happening on-screen at once, and make the whole environment more dynamic. We’re at a point where technology isn’t driving our decisions, it’s our creativity and what we can come up with for what Nate has to go through.


Bruce: We made great games with what we had, but you can’t have everything so you pick your mechanics to fit the pacing. With each game we’re evolving with what the technology can afford us, and right now we’re able to make the world seem a lot more real.

Like in the car chase, you’re ploughing through fences, smashing other cars, pineapples are flying everywhere, and every time the jeep slams into a building and it reacts, the more invested in the moment the player feels and believes the building is there.

This means drivable vehicles will be a part of the game for the first time. But there’s more than that. Behind closed doors, I saw Drake showing off some impressive rope skills, fluid combat and even some intense action moments. It’s all about an evolving character – even if he is getting older.

We’ve evolved Nate’s repertoire of what he can do, but it’s also about how those moves flow from one to another. So when he’s hiding behind sandbags for example, we have a new cover mechanic so he’s even lower than before, then crawling on all fours, blind firing to hit a guy and stagger him, the smash him against a wall, climb up onto a shack, then the hook and rope might become available and you can choose whether to use that or carry on along the ground. There’s all these mechanics that interact with one another, so we’re trying to give the player a choice of strategy of how they approach each set-up.

It’s cool to think that characters are able to grow and evolve as the platforms improve. I’m curious how this will impact on the remaster of the trilogy as well. Uncharted 4 is still a ways away from release, so it will be good for newcomers to the franchise to play through the remastered trilogy before the all new game comes out. With the PlayStation 4 having a bigger install base than ever, I’m curious to see if Uncharted 4 will be a record breaker like Bloodborne.

Last Updated: June 24, 2015

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