Unleashing the Making-Of

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Let’s not say Lucasarts is going for broke here, but the company is definitely doing something different. Take a gander at this new video Megarom alerted us to: it is a making-of for Force Unleashed, talking about the various versions the game will appear in on respective platforms. Basically the Force Unleashed on the PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii and DS will not be entirely the same as the next-gen version. As such there’s no info here on the PlayStation 3 or 360 games, but it’s still interesting nonetheless.

My dear little heart pumps so happily when I see devs are still doing wonders on the vastly under-estimated PS2. Honestly, who ‘retires’ a platform with 120 million users? A money sucking industry, of course.

[Lazy] What is really weird is that we only received this email this morning but I posted about it last week… I had a breaking news story and didn’t even know it. Hell this game is so good though we can watch the video again.

Last Updated: April 11, 2008


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