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Upcoming PS3 Firmware will allow for PS Vita remote play

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You’ve got to hand it to Sony, they’ve really built a concrete foundation for their Playstation empire. Of course, said foundation is always requiring a little bit more support, provided in the way of firmware updates, much to everybody’s chagrin, but the next update looks set to solidify the relationship between the main console and the upcoming PS Vita, in a move that will allow you to play games from the device on your big fancy LCD TV.

But don’t jump for joy just yet, there’s a slight catch.

Don’t expect to be playing games at a massive resolution, as titles will be upscaled and displayed at 480×272 for TV screens, Eurogamer reported. Future games will also have the option of a Vita specific 480P, even though the resolution on the handheld device is capable of of games running at 960×544 pixels.

Still, the Vita is an impressive bit of hardware so far, with some really great ideas for co-op and streaming gameplay. I played with one earlier this year at Gamescom, and it felt more natural, more comfy in my hands than the PSP predecessor.

Pity that the attractive model showing it to me was attached to the device by a short chain. My gameplay sessions resembled an awkward tango or an impromptu Judo match whenever I made use of the internal gyro sensors for the games.

Last Updated: November 25, 2011

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