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How to upload your face to WWE 2K19

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WRASSLIN’! Another year, another WWE game. This year, something’s different. WWE 2K19 is, dare I say it, actually a good game for once, thanks to changes that may be incremental but are numerous in scope. From better gameplay options to actually acknowledging that other wrestling promotions such as Ring of Honor and New Japan exist, WWE 2K19 i a weird and thrilling spectacle of watching two men attempt to murder each other for a predetermined result.

One aspect of the 2K Games series that hasn’t changed much this year? The superb character creation tool, which is instead a tweaked and perfected version of the suite of options found in each WWE 2K game. The best part of the feature? It’s comprehensive, massive in the options available and you’re able to put your own face inside the game. If you need a crash course reminder in how to upload your face, then Bombshell Bonthuys is more than ready to school you in the fine art of uploading the perfectly punchable face in WWE 2K19.

1. Take a selfie

Oh yeah baby! Self portraits using a mini black box of social media doom! You’re going to need to take a decent selfie, so a few top tips for this process: Find a neutral colour background, such as a white wall, check the lighting and snap away. Remember, you’ll also want to take a photo with as deadpan an expression as possible. To put it in Brooklyn 99 terms, less Peralta:


More “state of euphoria” Captain Holt:


2. Ready your photo


Now for a little bit of photoshop wizardry. You don’t need to be an expert in all things adobe, as what you want to do here is trim the image down to a decent size. A resolution of 512 x 512 will do the trick, something which can easily be achieved in Microsoft Paint if you wish. Merely take the photo, open it in Paint and if it’s already a perfect square, press CTRL+W to bring up the resize option. Easy peasy.

If you are an expert in all things Photoshop, I’d recommend taking that adjusted size, trimming as much superfluous data off of it and making certain that you’re only left with a PNG of your face so that the act of pasting your skin on a digital head is even easier.

3. Upload your photo


Next up, head on over to the WWE 2K Upload center which I’ve conveniently linked right here, and navigate to Face-Photo. By now, the 2K website will have asked you to log in using the details of your platform of choice, to help streamline the process. Fun fact: Any uploads you do here, can also be applied to other custom creation tools in WWE 2K19. So if you’ve ever wanted to go full Steve-O and have your own face tattooed onto your superstar’s back, here’s your chance. The possibilities are endless.

4. Boot up WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19_20181008073154

With the game running, navigate your way to the WWE Community Creations tab, and then select Image Manager for the next step. Download your face, and get ready to start crafting.

5. Start creating your superstar

WWE 2K19_20181008073340

WWE 2K19_20181008073235

Go to WWE Creations, and select new custom superstar. Go to Face Photo Capture, select your image and start tinkering away! Don’t worry if your face looks…weird at first, because your mom thinks you’re beautiful and that’s all that matters. Instead, line up everything as best as you can, and move on to the next step.

WWE 2K19_20181008073848

From here, you’ll be able to move eyes and other extremities around the facial canvas, adjusting them so that they fit your wrestler properly and don’t look that much like an ungodly abomination. You’ll be able to tweak eyebrows, your nose, your eyes and your mouth, as well as your general facial shape until you’re left with a custom superstar who looks the way that he or she should.

6. Go wild

WWE 2K19_20181008074522

Honestly, the sillier the better here. While you might need to fork out plenty of digital cash to buy wardrobe changes in the career path segment of WWE 2K19, you’ve got a full suite of costumes, hairstyles and other assorted fashion choices to play around within the full character creation suite. It’s silly, ridiculous stuff and I never grow tired of it.

Last Updated: October 8, 2018


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