US Hardware Sales running up to Christmas

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So yesterday I posted about the worldwide sales (excluding America) which had the Wii happily sitting on top of the pile with the PS3 coming second and the 360 bringing up the rear.

Well there are no suprises in the US sales results this week so lets get straight to the hardware numbers

1. Wii  – 740,791
2. 360 – 367,304
3. PS3 – 226,263

So the Wii is outselling the 360 by 2:1 and the 360 outsold the PS3 by 1.5:1

Now to the software sales

Sitting at the top and enjoying its new found software fame is the Wii followed by the 360 with the PS3 bringing up the rear.

Wii  – 3,147,250
360 – 2,757,243
PS3 –    942,195

So what does that tell us? The Americans are not the least bit taken with the PS3’s games currently and are likely using it more as a media centre that plays games.

Also when the worldwide sales are taken into consideration we can quite clearly see that no console is going anywhere and that the 360 needs to make a greater effort in Europe (and here) and the PS3 really needs some Western blockbusters….

Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: December 28, 2007

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