US Retailers predict their winners

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This is a nice change, instead of some analyst in an office predicting who is going to win the console war a company called MCV has gone out and canvassed 100 retailers to get their opinion.

Now obviously 100 retailers is to small a grouping to be scientifically accurate but hey it’s something at least.

So in a look back on the last year 31% of retailers said the Halo 3 launch was the highlight which is marginally better than the 30% who voted for the Wii in general.

The PS3 received the dubious honour of having 22% of retailers unhappy with it’s launch however the Wii took the cake with 57% of retailers complaining about low stock levels.

49% of retailers believe the Xbox 360 will win the war in the end followed by 35% of retailers backing the PS3 and only 16% thinking the Wii will win in the end… I guess they still think it’s a gimmick?

When they were asked which jobs in the gaming industry they would rather have they all pretty much voted for Bill Gates… Yeah I wouldn’t mind having 60 billion dollars either…

Retailers predict Xbox 360 console war victory

Last Updated: December 18, 2007

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