US Sales Data – 10th October 2007

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The latest US sales figures are in and the guys from Redmond are still smiling. Microsoft and Nintendo are based in Redmond and it does seem to be the lucky place for gaming companies.

Halo 3 has continued to sell very well and is still topping the charts, the 360 however has been overtaken by the DS but is still ahead of the Wii which is a good sign for Microsoft.

Sony had a terrible week with it’s PS3… So what are the actual figures.

The top 360 game is obviously Halo 3 which moved 562,408 units. The top Wii game Wii Sports shipped 95,800. What is amazing is that it has been on the chart for 48 weeks now. The top PS3 game NBA Live 08 shipped a paltry 48,088. 60 000 less than the Xbox 360 version. (However the PS2 version sold 8k more than the 360)

In hardware sales we have the following

360 – 129,896
Wii – 95,800
PS3 – 29,718

Total software Sales

360 – 1,467,311
Wii – 454,277
PS3 – 286,228

I am very interested to see how the recent PS3 model changes and price cuts are going to change these numbers. The PS3 cannot continue to be outsold by its weaker sibling the PS2

Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: October 11, 2007

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