US Sales Data for this week

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        100,222          2,635,648
          54,331          6,035,694
          25,240          1,389,437

So the latest sales data coming out of the States still has the Nintendo Wii winning by a country mile and is now outselling the PS3 4:1…. The Xbox 360 is coming seconf and outselling the PS3 2:1 which obviously leaves the PS3 a long way behind.

Its the same excuse as every other week/month. The PS3 is lacking games and is to costly…

I am very interested to see what will happen when the Xbox 360 drops R500 – R700 of it’s price tag towards the end of this year. That would bring it inline with the price of the Wii if they don’t drop their price and would make it very difficult to not pick one up.

Mind you I wouldn’t mind them actually selling the Wii over here one day as well.

Source: VGChartz, Videogame Charts –

Last Updated: May 4, 2007

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