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US Sales data is out… PS3 still lagging

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So the latest NPD data is out in the states and it seems to be as you where.

Of the next gen consoles you have the following

Nintendo Wii – 259 000 sold in March for a 2.1 Million Total
Xbox 360      – 199 000 sold in March for a 5.3 Million Total 
Sony PS3      – 130 000 sold in March for a 1.2 Million Total

What is strange however is that the Wii is selling less and less every month but is still not available in shops, are they shipping less of them to artificially keep demand high?

In software sales the PS3 has 1 title in the top 10 (Motorstorm), the Xbox 360 has 4 (GRAW 2, GH II, MLBaseball 07, Def Jam Icon) and the Wii has 1 (Wii Play). The rest of the chart is taken up by PS2 and DS games.

Overall console sales still have DS leading the way followed by the PS2… Follow the link for more info…


Last Updated: April 20, 2007

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