Valve announce new championships and a balance patch for Dota 2

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Valve’s annual Dota 2 spectacle, The International, only comes around once a year. It’s a high stakes event that has its competitors playing for millions of dollars in prize money. I myself follow the proceedings religiously, but after it is done and dusted, my interest in watching competitive Dota dwindles to a minimum – at least until the next year when the subsequent TI kicks off. That may change, as Valve have just announced three additional major tournaments that will supplement The International. That’s not all -they’ve also announced a new balance patch too… FINALLY!

First off, the new tournaments; What are they exactly? Here’s what Valve have said over on the Dota 2 blog:

The Dota Major Championships, starting this Fall, will be an annual series of four marquee tournaments, one being The International. The three additional tournaments will be Valve-sponsored events hosted by third-party organizers at different locations around the world. Teams that participate in these events will be required to adhere to limited roster trade periods during the year.

I for one will not say no to more major Dota 2 events, especially those hosted by Valve. It bodes well for professional teams too – they now have extra opportunities to earn prize money and make a name for themselves.

As keen as I am for these new tournaments, I am far more excited to see what the new balance patch will bring to Dota 2. I was complaining a little over a week ago about how stale the current meta is, and how desperately I desired a new patch. Well, Lord Gaben must have heard my pleas, because a new balance change will be arriving as soon as next week:

The International is drawing closer, and next week we will be releasing The International Compendium, along with a major balance update. Soon after that we will be announcing the teams that will be invited to The International.

I can’t wait to see the back of 6.83, I really can’t. The patch will likely arrive on Friday next week, and I’m sure Valve will reveal some finer details as to what it entails closer to the time. Also, a new compendium? Take my money Gabe, just take it!

Last Updated: April 25, 2015

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