Valve announce the Maps Workshop for Team Fortress 2

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It has been a long, long time since I’ve played the wacky team,class-based shooter, Team Fortress 2. That doesn’t mean that Valve, or the community for that matter, have forgotten about the game though. It still gets lots of hats as expected, but now it’s getting something else for a change – its own Map Workshop.

Workshops have played an important role when it comes to Valve’s success, at least in terms of making money from cosmetic additions to their titles. It makes sense then that the same idea of a system – one that is used to submit, browse, and receive/offer feedback on community submissions – gets used to manage user-created maps.

That’s what Team Fortress 2 is getting, in the form of the Maps Workshop (still in beta). Here’s Valve’s official announcement (via PC Gamer):

Are you great at making fun, addictive TF2 maps? Do you have no idea how to make a map, but you like playing on them? Are you only vaguely aware of what maps are and prefer to just walk in a single direction until you find what you’re looking for? Introducing the Maps Workshop Beta, a place for all three of you to upload, enjoy or just learn about the existence of maps!

The Maps Workshop Beta is an in-development one-stop hub where mapmakers can instantly upload and get feedback on their maps. Simply head over to the in-game Workshop tool and click on the new Maps button. If you’re just in the market to play new maps, you can now browse the Maps Workshop and up-vote and subscribe to maps you like—or just connect to a server running a Workshop map and it will download automatically from the Workshop.

It caters to everybody. If you’re a genius when it comes to putting together impressive playgrounds, or you want to learn how to make them yourself, or you simply want to browse other people’s works of art – you can make use of the Maps Workshop. As a submitter, you get access to feedback from the community, and as somebody looking for something new, well, the Maps Workshop is a giant catalogue of new arenas to choose from.

Sounds neat, especially for a game that is nearly 8 years old. Do you still play Team Fortress 2? Will you be making use of the workshop?


Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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