Valve want Compendium Rewards and Techies by end of August

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Last week I went all tinfoil hat and wrote about how Valve could be screwing with us and the release of Techies. I’m an idiot, ignore everything I said! They would never play with our hearts and expectations by not releasing something ever, right?

In their latest blog post, Valve detail their current plans for their MOBA. First on the list is the release of Dota 2 Workshop Tools.

This is the first release of a new set of tools to create, play, and share custom maps and game modes for Dota 2. This is a developer focused release and currently has high system requirements which means not everyone will be able to run the tools

There are already a bunch of mods available for the game. Now that the public can get their hands on them, expect a whole lot more. What I hope more than anything is that Valve implement some kind of system which allows you to browse available mods in the game itself.

Next up they detail what the whole community have been waiting for; the compendium stretch goals and a certain hero.

The Dota 2 Team is working on the Compendium Stretch Goals and putting the final touches on the explosive gang. We’re aiming for a release by the end of August.

Finally, we have some kind of official comment on when we will see Techies! That’s not all I’m excited for though. There are some damn awesome compendium rewards outstanding too. If all goes according to plan, we should see all of these goodies in the next three weeks. Are you ready for some rage and ultimate pub trolling?

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Last Updated: August 7, 2014

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