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Vampire RPG Code Vein is more than just an anime-styled version of Dark Souls

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Video games are born of inspiration. They’re inspired by art, life and more often than not: Each other. It’s the reason why every action game from around 2009 suddenly implemented a “press Triangle to dodge” mechanic, or started tinkering with the idea of regenerative health circa that other franchise that answers the call to duty every year.

Then you’ve got Dark Souls, a wildly successful franchise whose key selling point was a merciless challenge that left many a player staring at a screen that reminded them that they had recently expired at the hands of some nightmare fuel. That’s a sub-genre which many a video game has attempted to jump into, while others have been stereotypically called the Dark Souls of their genre for having a steep curve when it comes to difficulty.

Code Vein may be such a game. Some folks are already referring to it as the Dark Souls of anime games, perhaps an unfair comparison for a new title that is seeking to revive the idea of over the top action that is coupled with a decent degree of trial and error in its gameplay. “The battle system is driven by very tense one-on-one battles, kind of like Dark Souls,” Code Vein director Hiroshi Yoshimura explained to VG247.

The thing that separates us from Dark Souls is really. well, like I said, it’s because they’re vampires. Because of the blood they suck, they can use these special abilities called gifts. These gifts allow you to for instance speed up or create shields to block enemy attacks. By using these gifts, it gives you that very fast-paced action that you’d see in other games also. It becomes a combination of the Dark Souls style high tense battle with a very high pace action – that’s what sets us apart.

That pace is where Code Vein really does want to draw a line from the Dark Souls comparisons, as it seeks to create an experience which is quicker and more action-packed than the legendary From Software trilogy. Sort of like a certain devilish brawler from yesteryear, if you catch my drift. “When we decided on action RPG – yeah, it’s challenging. It’s really a fusion of that very one-on-one high tense battle with the Devil May Cry or God Eater very fast paced action.,” Yoshimura said.

That’s the action part of it. The RPG side of it we’re really focusing on is the element of growth – so your parameters are going to go up. Maybe dexterity will go up and you’ll then move faster. Maybe strength will rise and you’ll be able to wield heavier weapons and swing weapons faster. As such you’ll have that element of bringing your character and leveling it up – that’s the RPG side, and we’re trying to balance that with the fast action in the game.

I’m digging what I’ve seen so far. Code Vein looks like it never lets up on the pressure, the visuals are gorgeous and it’s the closest that I’ll get to a new Devil May Cry until the day I become a billionaire from my patent for dust-phobic action figures and hire Ninja Theory to craft a sequel to DmC.

Last Updated: July 26, 2017

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