VG247 Confirms what we knew already

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It’s odd what news stories make it big on the news aggregators..

On my wander through this morning I saw that one of the top 3 stories on N4G was that Microsoft had confirmed to VG247 that they will not be having a press conference at Leipzig this year and have nothing new to announce.

But we posted this 2 weeks ago already.

Anyway, I wonder why Microsoft has decided to snub Leipzig? It’s not like they don’t need the help in winning the war in Europe and with Leipzig easily being the biggest GC in Europe you would think they would be there will all the bells and whistles.

This would be a good chance for Sony to get in some marketing shots about Microsoft failing Europe though… Unless they also ignore Leipzig which would mean Leipzig won’t become the new E3…

Last Updated: August 14, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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