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Video game piracy could be gone in two years, says prolific cracking group

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I’ve written before about Denuvo – the “anti-tampering” software that’s become the protection du jour with many recent games. I made the mistake of calling Denuvo DRM, which more than anything has only led to an army of pedants pointing out that it’s not.

While that may technically be true, in the end it does much the same thing – it keeps would-be pirates from playing games they’ve not bought. It first came to notoriety within pirating circles with Dragon Age: Inquisition, which took over a month for the groups who crack these games to get their heads around. It’s subsequently been tweaked, making it even harder for that sort of software swashbuckling to be perpetrated.

It’s becoming such a nuisance that some of the more esteemed piracy groups are contemplating throwing in the towel. One of the newest games to feature the anti tampering software is Just Cause 3, and it’s a game that pirates would love to get their hands on. It’s also a game that’s proving very, very difficult to crack. It, along with the latest FIFA are proving to be rather tough nuts.

So says a member of 3DM, one of the more prolific cracking groups. Calling herself Bird Sister (or Phoenix, if you prefer), the members says that while Just Cause 3 may be compromised, advancements in Denuvo itself may put an end to video game piracy within the next two years.

“Recently, many people have asked about cracks for ‘Just Cause 3?, so here is a centralized answer to this question. The last stage is too difficult and Jun [cracking guy] nearly gave up, but last Wednesday I encouraged him to continue,” Bird Sister explains (via Torrentfreak).

“I still believe that this game can be compromised. But according to current trends in the development of encryption technology, in two years time I’m afraid there will be no free games to play in the world,” she adds.

That may or may not be a good thing. While I’m sure video game publishers are cackling with delight at this sort of news, there are many who believe software piracy isn’t that bad a thing, and pirates end up being some of the biggest spenders when it comes to the media they enjoy; they just tend ot be rather selective about it.

Whatever your personal stance on the stuff (I firmly believe that you should pay for the media you consume), video game piracy could be coming to an end – at least, for those AAA games from publishers who can afford to pay for Denuvo.

Last Updated: January 7, 2016

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  1. konfab

    January 7, 2016 at 07:15

    I bet Denuvo has a few of these hackers in their payroll. After all if piracy groups are closed, no need for their software.


    • Bokumetsu Burade

      January 8, 2016 at 04:41

      The entire Denuvo team is a group of ex crackers. They pooled all their knowledge of game cracking and formed a company from it.


  2. Captain JJ 4x

    January 7, 2016 at 07:36

    Pirating is so last century


    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      January 7, 2016 at 07:42

      Tell the Somalis.


      • Hammersteyn

        January 7, 2016 at 07:47

        But they’re still stuck in the last century


        • Captain JJ 4x

          January 7, 2016 at 08:08

          They’re still stuck two centuries back


          • Hammersteyn

            January 7, 2016 at 08:10

          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            January 7, 2016 at 11:32

            I always expect him to follow that up with “prepare your anus”.

          • Hammersteyn

            January 7, 2016 at 11:48


  3. Hammersteyn

    January 7, 2016 at 07:47

    The best thing about JC3 is disabling your internet so that you can play offline.


    • Ir0nseraph

      January 7, 2016 at 09:24

      It is a good idea , but didn’t help the load times much.

      As for no more pirate games, it will have no effect on me.


      • Hammersteyn

        January 7, 2016 at 09:51

        It helped my self confidence, being reminded how inferior I am isn’t fun.


      • Hammersteyn

        January 7, 2016 at 09:52

        Also of all gamers most pirates are PC gamers anyways.


        • Captain JJ 4x

          January 7, 2016 at 09:54

          Pirate takes smarts, that’s why 😉
          (I would like to add also that I would have no idea how to pirate a game myself…so I’m not really helping to strengthen this statement)


  4. Loftus

    January 7, 2016 at 07:53

    Did developers become smarter or is it that hackers are becoming dumber….kids these days.


  5. Alien Emperor Trevor

    January 7, 2016 at 08:01

    “in two years time I’m afraid there will be no free games to play in the world” BWHAHAHAHA Oh the humanity! The end of the world is nigh! The sky is falling Chicken Little!

    Hey – you can always pirate non-AAA games. It’s not like you don’t already, and they won’t use Denuvo.


    • Captain JJ 4x

      January 7, 2016 at 08:09

      No free games to play. This lady probably also thinks that an apple costs $50.


  6. Kromas untamed

    January 7, 2016 at 08:21

    How to pirate a game.

    Step 1: Buy a game from GoG
    Step 2: Share the game
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit (or not really)


    • HairyEwok

      January 7, 2016 at 08:34

      Step 3: If the game has LAN, enjoy it with the shared person.


    • Captain JJ 4x

      January 7, 2016 at 09:43

      I was talking to a friend of mine and he said, “You know, you could just copy the Witcher 3 game files for me.”
      And I said, “No”
      Witcher 3 is awesome. Buy it.
      I bought it twice. Worth it.


      • Kromas untamed

        January 7, 2016 at 10:11

        This is just a guide on how to pirate. Being a pirate still makes you a dick and the reason we have bloatware like Uplay.


  7. HairyEwok

    January 7, 2016 at 08:32

    Lies, there will be plenty of free to play games in 2 years time…. with micro transactions obviously.


    • Jan Prins

      January 7, 2016 at 09:02

      Maybe we should start a “Stop Piracy Now!” campaign aimed at devs and publishers.


  8. R1ker

    January 7, 2016 at 09:30

    I just wish we can get our good old demo’s back. Personally I don’t do this but I know guys download cracked copies of games to try it out and then if they like it they go buy it anyway afterwards. By having a decent demo it would hopefully give another bump in the piracy world


    • Captain JJ 4x

      January 7, 2016 at 09:42

      Steam has the refund thing, which at least if you absolutely hate the game enables you to get your money back. So it’s at least something I suppose.


      • Lardus-For the Emperor!

        January 7, 2016 at 12:23

        They did not have this in time for one or two purchases, but I will definitely make use of this in future!


    • Lardus-For the Emperor!

      January 7, 2016 at 13:13

      I agree that we need good old fashioned demos. And if not a demo, the Steam refund thing as mentioned by @johnambitious:disqus will help. Going on record as someone who got a cracked version of Civ last year from a friend for “demo” purposes. I played it for 1 day, then uninstalled the cracked version and paid full price on Steam to get the game legit. I do prefer to be “legitimate”. I even (GASP) buy TV series and movies! But darn I miss demos!


  9. Mandrake

    January 7, 2016 at 11:15

    I’m going to play devils advocate here. If there are no more pirated games around the developers will essentially have open season to do with their prices what they want. Can anyone say “captive audience” I you want my product then please pay ??? exorbitant prices. Jo ho ho and a disc full of scum.


    • The Grand Admiral Chief Prime

      January 7, 2016 at 11:18

      Interesting point


  10. Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    January 7, 2016 at 11:32

    They will never take our PIRACY!! As long as the internet exists, the data seas will be sailed by roguish and adventurous men and women



  11. Guava_Eater

    January 7, 2016 at 12:17

    I have no problem with the DRM being uncrackable so long as there is a scheme that goes with it allowing us to return junk games for a full refund.

    With that said:

    Too many games look great initially but once you get into them they lack depth. I’d never paid for Civilization, not a single one between I and V when playing them initially. Via bundles and collectors editions and stuff I now “own” all of them several times over (with the exception of V). [I will however not be purchasing BE because I don’t enjoy the makeover.]

    If you love a game you will buy it, irrespective of how you originally came across it. In fact you wouldn’t mind buying it a few times.


  12. Sarelseemonster

    January 7, 2016 at 18:33

    2 Words. Steam.Sale.


  13. Bokumetsu Burade

    January 8, 2016 at 04:44

    The worst part about the “end of piracy” is that there wont be anything keeping shit developers from making shit games and forcing us to buy them just to test them out. MOST pirates play an hour or two, decide if its a good buy or not then either buy it and play or uninstall and move on


  14. Uberutang

    January 8, 2016 at 12:02

    games go so cheap so fast anyway, why bother with the hassle of piracy.
    if you want to really push profits up, stop the resale of games.


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