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Wanna Know What's In the InFamous 2 'Lost and Found' Press Pack?

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Every now and then we receive press packs that are pretty much designed to use ninja-like tactics to make us like the game more because they are filled with nifty little things relating to the game.

We are however, immune to their deadly powers of persuasion but occasionally do receive the odd pack that’s interesting enough to share with our readers (we have actually put our Heavy Rain branded raincoat and gumboots to good use before).

We received an interesting envelope relating to inFamous 2 a few days back… you wanna see what was inside? We have a full gallery of pics below.

Here’s a whole load of pics I snapped up, you can click on them to see them full size.

1.jpg 2.jpg
3.jpg 4.jpg  
5.jpg 6.jpg
7.jpg 8.jpg  
9.jpg 10.jpg
11.jpg 12.jpg
13.jpg 14.jpg
15.jpg 16.jpg

There we go. The kit consists mainly of little items like fake credit cards, dollar bills, posters, city guides and so on, but more importantly… review code so that we can bring you our full review.

We will hopefully have our review ready before the release date, but that all depends on if the PS Store will be ready, as we have received a download code instead of a disc copy, which has kinda been some bad timing because of the recent hacks on the PSN.

Keep your eye out, we will hopefully have our review up soon.

Last Updated: May 25, 2011

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