Want in on Evolve’s Big Alpha this weekend?

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Evolve’s console alpha is starting up this weekend. Well, to be fair, it’s starting today on Xbox One, and on PlayStation 4 this weekend. South Africa has been excluded from the alpha, because of our poor infrastructure. That, of course, doesn’t mean its impossible to get in on the alpha. Thanks to some awesome dudes, we’ve got 10 keys for the PlayStation 4 version of the game to give away.

There is a caveat. These keys are only for US PlayStation accounts – so you’ll need to create a US account to redeem the code and download the game. You should, however, then be able to play the game from your actual profile. Want to try your luck? Entry is easy; just fill in this form provided by key distributors of distinction, Godankey – and they’ll automatically pick and mail the winners at 2PM today – so hurry Random.org be damned!

Evolve, if you’re unaware, is the new 4v1 multiplayer shooter from the guys who created Left 4 Dead. It promises to be the next big thing in multiplayer gaming. Thanks to Nick from Pennyworth Reviews and @dev_za for the keys.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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