Want to save $100 on Kinect for Windows?

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You may have heard that Microsoft announced the Kinect for Windows at CES this year which is great all round until the price was announced. For some absurd reason they’ve decided to sell it at $250 on the PC which is a $100 increase over the same device for the Xbox 360.

The official reason is apparently that the Xbox 360 version gets subsidised by games (same as the console hardware) and that they are going to be including a SDK for developers on the PC.

But wait, what if you decide to buy the Xbox 360 one for $150 and then just head on over to KinectForWindows.org and then download the free SDK that has been sitting there for a while?

Why then you get a fully functioning Kinect with SDK and a bundled game for $100 less than the retail price… sold

What’s the catch? Simple. The SDK you can currently download is a non-commercial version so you can’t sell anything developed on it. Then again if you develop something worth selling all you need to do is buy the SDK before publishing which will likely sell for $100.

The Windows version also features a “near mode,” tightening the device’s IR capture area making it more suitable for sitting at a desk, but is that really worth the extra $100?

Last Updated: January 13, 2012

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